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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Armstrong family is closely connected to the Bilderbergers Power Elite.

The Armstrong family is closely connected to the Bilderbergers Power Elite.

Sat Mar 18, 2006 at 09:51:06 PM PDT

Kingsville Economic Development is where there is a connection

Cisneros: I am watching! 4/22/2005 2:03:14 AM
King Ranch is only a name for a clandestine Elite group. Richard King was the King Ranch and then Henrietta. After that was an influx of Nazi war criminals secreted into America by way of South America; The Cleberg name becomes synonymous with the King Ranch. Cleberg or Kleberg? Either way it is a German sir name. Was the original Kleberg a Nazi? What was the grand plan for the King Ranch or was it for all of South Texas? Did the name Clement have anything to do with the Vatican or a Pope? History has portrayed the Scions of South Texas Ranching as honest heroes. How much farther from the truth could this history stray? This history is nothing more than a glorified folk tale! Richard King knew not loyalty to anyone. Not even his partners or his mentor Mifflin Kenedy.

Mifflin was smart enough to veer from King after noticing King's partners would always suffer some misfortunate accident. King acquired his land by many methods including breach of contract, trickery, harassment and Murder. Murder was the most effective method. This is where the Texas Rangers enter stage right. The Rangers were King's personal enforcers. Led by Major Armstrong these ruthless huge "corn fed" Anglo "lawmen" pillaged, raped & murdered in the name of the State Of Texas. Since then, the Armstrong family not only acquired their own little acreage with a Polo field; they gained "invisible" control of the King Ranch and ascended to high positions of power within our Government. The Armstrong family is closely connected to the Bilderbergers Power Elite. Anne Armstrong is on the powerful elitist National Foreign Relations Committee and sits on the A&M Board of Regents (College Station) along with Guadalupe Rangel.

The King Ranch over the years has harbored a craving for the Kenedy land or at least to waste it and use it for their own benefit. Some how, the Armstrong invisibly controls the King Ranch who influences the KFATSO to do the dirty work using Kenedy Land. Let us see if we can connect the dots? JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Oswald was blamed but many shots were fired as evidenced by the many nicks in the curb and vehicle; many bullets were fired and only three shots were heard. Hum? Silencers! History reveals to us that Francis Cardinal Spellman ordered the hit on JFK! Who is Spellman? In New York, the Vatican Intelligence 'special division' is directed by Cardinal Spellman. Cardinal Spellman is directly connected to J Peter Grace and Cardinal Bernard Law (Boston Diocese Pedophile). Why would Spellman want Kennedy dead? The King Ranch owned the Ranch in Mexico where the Campfire Boys trained as sharpshooters. Oswald as well as the whole team of assassins that killed JFK trained there. Now the King Ranch owned land in Cuba that was taken away when Castro ascended to power. Not only this; they are the force behind LBJ's ascension to the Oval office. At this time before JFK was murdered; Sarita Kenedy East had recently passed and KFATSO would have welcomed a "strong arm" as an advantage. The King Ranch Super-lawyers and political influence were furnished to KFATSO at that time to battle the high & mighty J Peter Grace for control. KFATSO & King Ranch still share the Super lawyers and the influence as they are one except the Kenedy land is always the bait; never King Ranch land or Armstrong land. By the King Ranch lending a "strong arm" to KFATSO a reciprocity had to of occurred. Did Spellman provide the favor? Directly or indirectly, Spellman ordered the hit and in doing so favored the King Ranch? Why would the King Ranch off JFK? First, LBJ was their man and he was so close to the Oval office they could smell it. JFK did not align with the Good ole Boy system that already had plans to overthrow Castro after his changes affected corporate America. Sugar Cane prices went up & several Corporate Ranches were given back to the Cubans. JFK's refusal to go ahead with the planned invasion did not stop the invasion but many CIA Agents were killed or captured in the Invasion we know as the Bay of Pigs. To Nixon the "Bay of Pigs" is code for the JFK assassination. Water Gate tapes are sealed, as they will reveal the truth? King Ranch & Armstrong are well associated with the CIA as well as Area 51. Friends of the Armstrongs, Bushs, Hunts and Grace were killed because of JFK (as they seen it). Now they are leveraging our Government for favors here in South Texas. It seems as though Marc Cisneros has been dispatched here to deal with the demands. We can see TAMUK has already been absorbed by the King Ranch, as has the entire A&M system? General Cisneros has served up Kenedy land on a platter to bring fruition to promises made a long time ago. Other Federal agencies are exploiting (the vulnerability) the King Ranch blackmail has created? There is a Hubert Boothe Federal power play. The Sam Granato Federal element might be double edged with Cisneros and the Ed Byrne grant out of the WIA and the interaction with Kingsville Naval Air Station as well as his activities with the FBI & DEA. Then we have the Black Helicopters that have been identified as FBI copters. These helicopters are associated with some sort of laser satellite communications systems in underground bunkers. Then we have Suson and the DoD in collaboration with the Betterment hate. The Bettermen are nothing more than noise makers and agitators with a Nazi stench. These guys will not even get invited to the King Ranch for any occasion. Bettermen haters are viewed by the elite as trailer trash and genetically weak (of a "lesser breed of stock". The Elite will never accept these Nazi haters into their circles. In theory, the King Ranch must possess a operative or puppet in KPD, Kleberg County Sheriffs Department, Commissioners Court, TAMUK, and various other strategical positions. These puppets are the tattle tales when adverse situations to the King Ranch interest arise. King Ranch is Armstrong, Hunt & Exxon but, are they aligned for the long term or short term? Stewart Armstrong is (financially) behind the division of Kingsville and yes; he is connected with the Armstrongs in Kenedy County. Finally, I will refer to the various agencies vying for Grant money control. Whoever wins elected offices will (each) get to control the grant monies. This is why the politics are so dirty & crass. The Love of Avarice and the addiction to power is the reason so much hate is spewed out on the Candidates and their family members. TAMUK is the King Ranch's research & development supported by huge injections of grant money in the name of Higher Education. The Ed Byrne Grant is the interdiction law enforcement with a military liaison and intelligence. This is being abused on our local citizens to settle personal vendettas of ones in charge. It was legislated for interdiction of terrorists, bombs weapons & threats to National Security but it is primarily used in South Texas to intercept drugs, Marijuana and cash; Cash and vehicles feed the "Town Bosses" addiction to the Power & Avarice. Who are the Puppets? Get rid of them! Cisneros I am watching! Tobin, your blood is still the same old blood that murdered, raped & pillaged South Texas. For this your land will be returned to it's rightful possessors.

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