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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

South Texas Chisme: It's Monday. It must be blog roundup time!

South Texas Chisme: Could it be true, Is Fil Vela involved with Connie Scott? Treasurer? TLR hates South Texas, does that include Connie and her Hubby? WATTS his name? Mike Scott?

We dont need to speculate or debate how Junior John will vote
, who he will benefit and who he represents. No if ands or buts about it Junior John’s Record is who he is, how he votes, who he represents and it is not the average Texan and not the mainstream Texas but he represents the Transplanted Texans (like Bush) and the Elite Texans (like K.C.Rove). Junior John will say WATT ever it takes to get re elected. He is working with Fil Vela Jr. & Federal Prosecutors (in the Valley, CC, SA & Houston) to Manufacture White Collar Crime and use it as a Political Strongarm when the Political Strongarm should be accomplishments and the actual construction of a VA Hospital in the Valley. Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or Children’s Healthcare, he dont care about WATT the people want or need, Fil Junior only seeks a Federal Bench for Rose and Junior John wants us to believe his promises. It wont happen like that for the Two Juniors.

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